Etsy, you fiend

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. ~Oscar Wilde

I admit that I lost my entire day to Etsy. It’s been around for a long time now, hasn’t it? I remember checking it out the first year it existed, and then not again until now. I like the interactive features, the circles and treasuries and stuff. Interacting with artisans instead of buying things anonymously off the shelf feels so much like living in medieval times again; I guess humans naturally tend to create communities, no matter what the mode of expression.

The second I discovered the concept of treasuries, I … kind of totally made three. The one above is for the wedding I never had, in which I wore a black trenchcoat and grey wool dress and got married on a boardwalk in the middle of winter. I adored my wedding (nine years ago yesterday) because I totally eloped. But if I had to do it again…

The other two treasuries (here, and here) are all about work. I like the second one best, it is a pretty good indication of my taste!  Isn’t STUFF fun?  It’s even more fun when you don’t have to actually buy it.

What else did I do today? Because of Etsy, I went and got my ring-finger sized, in the off-chance that someday, I might want to invest in these rings… So. Do you know me yet?

The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.  ~Marcelene Cox


Between the universal and the microscopic

I follow a lot of people in fat activism.  This happened because I am pretty good friends with The Rotund, Marianne Kirby.  This morning, Google Reader yielded a lovely quotation about body image from Marianne’s pal Natalie.  She discussed the fact that society is what dictates what sort of shape we are allowed to have, and attempting to dress to “flatter” and “disguise problem areas” is actually just another attempt to regulate the body into an arbitrary standard.  I really like her quotation:

I started to avoid certain styles of clothing that emphasised my frontal belly, like empire line dresses and high waisted skirts, dressing to “flatter” and “disguise” my body as it actually and naturally is. In the last few years I’ve been unpicking this conditioning because it does nothing to further my acceptance of my body, instead leading me to believe that there is a certain type of acceptable shape that I must aspire to even if I was not born with that shape. (Source)

So.  As well as thinking about body image today, I also thought about music.  The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was finish posting an interview I wrote with Shelby Cinca for We Heard That.  It’s all about the use of iPad tech in music marketing, kind of.  Except in Shelby’s case, it has nothing to do with marketing, and is its own fun creative form of expression.  Kinda proved me wrong, which is always good. Read it here!

Speaking of iPads and music, Bjork made a cool iPad game application to go with her album Biophilia.  David Attenborough (acclaimed nature documentary Voice From the Ether) narrated the introductory screen, and it looks just awesome.  I’ll leave you with his words:

Remember that you are a gateway between the universal and the microscopic.

— David Attenborough, for Bjork

Bulleted lists of doom (2)

Today I played with Instagram. I am sadly addicted, as is probably evidenced by the brutally instagrammed photos on my site.  They’re so square, so bordered!  Don’t judge.  I also found the following things awesome today:


JOANNA: We’re actually required to wear fifteen pieces of flair. Quite stupid actually. Although I didn’t actually choose these. I, uh, I just grabbed fifteen buttons and I don’t even know what they say!

— Office Space

This morning I finished reading ALL THE THINGS, and then there was nothing left to read. Ok, I lie, I mostly hit the websites carefully saved in my Google Reader and filled my mind with a bunch of pretty fluff. After I filled my mind I got the inevitable urge to empty it though, so today’s post is about the small things that make coming to work more enjoyable. I think I sense a theme to this blog: it’s going to be oriented toward the 9-to-5er, and the art of living gracefully within three walls. (And other random stuff, of course.)

A few kind ladies agreed to let me photograph their accessories today, things that make them feel happy to wake up and head to work in the morning. Unlike Joanna, we know exactly what our flair says.

Nicole was extremely happy to wear these earrings.  She had them on yesterday too, along with a pink shirt with fluffy shoulders.  Both items were from a small boutique near our work named Stalhi.  The earrings are neat because they look vintage, round and shiny like a 1950s button.

I used to not think about glasses at all, but now I think about them all the time.  I had a few unfortunate moments with glasses in these past few months, so I’m wearing an ancient chipped pair.  Therefore, I have glasses envy of Genie here.  She says that these are frames by Anne Klein, and the square shape suits her round face. (I know this, because I inevitably have to get square glasses too.)

Mandatory lanyards are mandatory, but some of us have affixed personality to ’em. Pins and stickers, and I absolutely approve of the Hello Kitty.

It’s summertime outside, but it’s a nice crisp autumn day under the blast of our air conditioner.  Office footwear is always interesting (I love shoes, I’ll probably post a lot about shoes), and in this case we’ve got the contrast of the pretty and comfortable closed-toe Dansko maryjane with a fancy lookin’ sandal.

I went for sandals this morning and now my toes are cold. C’est la vie!  I wore them because they showed off my pedicure, which I did late last night thinking that my daughter would really love the additional sparkles.  She hasn’t seen my toes yet, but I think she’d approve.

And there’s your report from the 9-to-5 frontlines.

Additionally, here is where my mind wandered this morning:

Bulleted lists of doom (1)

  • That is me in Mordor.
  • I got quoted by Genie. She wrote something better, though:  “I find myself wondering if my view of love is skewed. What I want is comfort, familiarity, respect, and laughter. Is that settling?” (Her post is here.)
  • I created two pages. One is about my now-defunct Second Life fashion blog. Fun times!
  • The other is about my first online web presence from the late 90s. Awful HTML, hilarious reading, I was such a little putz.