Hello, world…

I first created a website for myself back in 1997. I made all my own HTML, and hosted it on a friend’s UNIX server. I think I even clumsily put together the graphics for it using stick figures and lines, and I called the whole thing “mY HEAd.” Yes, with varied caps, just like that. The internet has CHANGED in the 14 years since I wrote my first post, and so have I. I’m no longer a girl of 26, I’m a married woman with a kid. Also, instead of a few voices crying out into the void of the searchable web, there is now a multitude. No, more than that, a screaming hoard.

I took a break from a public web presence for many years. I had a carefully locked LiveJournal, and mainly used it to post photographs of my daughter. LiveJournal, with all of its communities and interaction and activism, was more than enough for me for a long time. Even now I feel wary of standing out in public and waving hello. But! It’s time. Hello!

Is there anything left to say, even?!

I guess I’ll take that chance.

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  1. Quiescere

     /  July 19, 2011

    Thank you for writing more.

  2. hello =)


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