Between the universal and the microscopic

I follow a lot of people in fat activism.  This happened because I am pretty good friends with The Rotund, Marianne Kirby.  This morning, Google Reader yielded a lovely quotation about body image from Marianne’s pal Natalie.  She discussed the fact that society is what dictates what sort of shape we are allowed to have, and attempting to dress to “flatter” and “disguise problem areas” is actually just another attempt to regulate the body into an arbitrary standard.  I really like her quotation:

I started to avoid certain styles of clothing that emphasised my frontal belly, like empire line dresses and high waisted skirts, dressing to “flatter” and “disguise” my body as it actually and naturally is. In the last few years I’ve been unpicking this conditioning because it does nothing to further my acceptance of my body, instead leading me to believe that there is a certain type of acceptable shape that I must aspire to even if I was not born with that shape. (Source)

So.  As well as thinking about body image today, I also thought about music.  The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was finish posting an interview I wrote with Shelby Cinca for We Heard That.  It’s all about the use of iPad tech in music marketing, kind of.  Except in Shelby’s case, it has nothing to do with marketing, and is its own fun creative form of expression.  Kinda proved me wrong, which is always good. Read it here!

Speaking of iPads and music, Bjork made a cool iPad game application to go with her album Biophilia.  David Attenborough (acclaimed nature documentary Voice From the Ether) narrated the introductory screen, and it looks just awesome.  I’ll leave you with his words:

Remember that you are a gateway between the universal and the microscopic.

— David Attenborough, for Bjork

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