Etsy, you fiend

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. ~Oscar Wilde

I admit that I lost my entire day to Etsy. It’s been around for a long time now, hasn’t it? I remember checking it out the first year it existed, and then not again until now. I like the interactive features, the circles and treasuries and stuff. Interacting with artisans instead of buying things anonymously off the shelf feels so much like living in medieval times again; I guess humans naturally tend to create communities, no matter what the mode of expression.

The second I discovered the concept of treasuries, I … kind of totally made three. The one above is for the wedding I never had, in which I wore a black trenchcoat and grey wool dress and got married on a boardwalk in the middle of winter. I adored my wedding (nine years ago yesterday) because I totally eloped. But if I had to do it again…

The other two treasuries (here, and here) are all about work. I like the second one best, it is a pretty good indication of my taste!  Isn’t STUFF fun?  It’s even more fun when you don’t have to actually buy it.

What else did I do today? Because of Etsy, I went and got my ring-finger sized, in the off-chance that someday, I might want to invest in these rings… So. Do you know me yet?

The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.  ~Marcelene Cox

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  1. Donna

     /  July 22, 2011

    This reminds me that the Alice-in-Wonderland earrings I adore (from Etsy) were made by a friend of yours in Atlanta. Can you guess (silently)?

  2. Achariya

     /  July 22, 2011

    Ah yes! She’s lovely, that friend. =)


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