This is hard work

As you guys know I had a fashion blog for my Second Life avatar for about three years.  In that blog my avatar looked pretty interesting. I played with cybernetics and animal parts and all sorts of stuff that isn’t possible (ok, it’s possible, just a lot more difficult) in real life.  But aside from random outfit snaps, I’ve never made a formal fashion blogger post outside of Second Life, partly because it isn’t so easy to graft horns onto my head or become a furry for a day. But today I decided to do it  because I got inspired by my Pinterest boards.

Pinterest is an online scrapbook that allows people to clip and save things into topical galleries (some call these mood boards).  Lately I’ve made two, one stemming from my joy that Zara is going to launch an online store on September 7th, and one due to various color and clothing combinations that I really liked from a number of stores.  I noticed a few commonalities in these Pinterest boards.  Colors: Orange, grey, black and earthtones.  Shape: Nice and comfy with a baggy t-shirt.  Fabric:  Vintage and textured.  “Hey,” I thought, “I could probably do that with the clothing I already have.”

The above pictures are my pinterest boards!  You can see them here and here. I put together two outfits based around the ideas that I collected.  I used orange, grey, and earth tones, and tried to dress comfortably and… uh. Ok, here are the outfit credits.

Outfit #1:  Tan linen blazer from the Gap, grey skinny stretch trousers from the Gap, orange t-shirt from Target, and Clarks Indigo heels.

Outfit #2: Vintage tan button-down from my mama, orange t-shirt from Target, belt from Zara, skirt from the children’s department of Target, several years ago, Clarks flat sandals.  I love the comfort of Clarks, and how they aren’t as pricey as a lot of other brands.

Can I mention that fashion blogging is tough?  It’s not just sitting my Second Life avatar down and taking a bunch of snapshots until she looks good.  I think I took about 160 photos, using the self-timer on my camera.  My house is a nightmare for fashion blogging.  I have no plain white walls, or rooms with good light.  In fact, my photos all feature my two skateboards (right side of frame) and various wall objects like doorstops and light switches.  Why can’t I simply cam out and photograph myself from the third person?!  Oh wait, I’d have to be God.  You can see the doorstop in this blurry photos of my favorite shoes (below).  Oh well. I’m learning.

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