Fish-slapping and websurfing

“I was almost late for hypnotherapy, btw, because I was replying to your Google + thread.”  Best thing someone has said to me yet today.

Google+ feels a little like a cross between Facebook statuses and the nerd in-crowd boxing ring of old-school BBSes. I’ve been enjoying the fish-slapping dance interaction of arguing via comments,although I really wish it had a more threaded organization so that different conversations can happen in their own spaces. I’m there under my name if you’d like to find me! (Achariya Rezak, yep.)

I spent a moment on Google Reader after lunch today. Here’s a small roundup of the things I found:

Mmmmm. Browsing.

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  1. Hmmm … perhaps I’m not circled with enough wagons yet … because I’m not getting this on G+ … !

  2. Achariya

     /  August 9, 2011

    Nope, you are there, and added to that topic! It’s the one about people who dislike kids in public spaces…

  3. Achariya

     /  August 9, 2011

    OH. Fish-slapping dance as a metaphor for that conversation. Not an actual topic. Sorry to mislead…heh.


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