A lot happened this weekend…

Is it me you’re looking for?

Time did strange things this weekend, probably because it felt like the weekend started at exactly 5 PM on Friday night.  We were busy all weekend long, but none of it felt rushed, and there was still plenty of time to sit and play with my computer and drink coffee. I tossed routine out the window and went for many leisurely walks through my (lush, tropical) hood, ate the amazing stuff that the Cook made for dinner, and went to a show on Friday and a party on Saturday…

Friday we went to go see Kaleigh Baker, a pretty rockin’ blues musician from Orlando and living in NYC.  She had a tight band and a drunken-style stage presence as if she was Jim Belushi with long hair. Her voice in that venue was so powerful that it, uh, hurt, which caused me to remember that ear plugs are definitely a necessity, oops. It was actually the first time that the Cook and I had been out to see music together since before the kid was born (our last show was probably Patricia Barber).  And we’d never been out in downtown Orlando.  At 2 AM, emerging from the club, we looked around amazed at how much the streets resembled New Orleans’ French Quarter.  I’d never seen that side of the city before.  We passed by a table where a couple sat arguing.  The man looked embarrassed, head in his hand, and the woman glared at him and puffed smoke into his face.  Intense drama, played out in this late-night fishbowl.

The next day was leisurely again, waking up at nine-ish with a lot of computer and coffee time.  Then we checked out the new location of Sam Flax, one of those crazy-addictive art supply stores.  Walking into one of those always gives me  grandiose dreams. “Let’s buy spray paint and stencils and do illegal things to city walls!” I didn’t buy spraypaint, but I did buy a tripod from Colonial Hobby. First result below, I made myself look short:

We did other stuff on Saturday night, and we were busy all day Sunday too, but what I remember from this weekend was the way that time felt long and liquid, like a gift.

Fish & avocado salad, one of our many fine dinners this weekend…

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