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I’m listening to the Venture Brothers while I write this. It’s the Scooby Doo episode, and Brock just demanded to be given a lot of dead people.  It feels so fitting for this Irene-washed evening. I can smell October, it’s just one September away.

I spent most of my day taking care of my sick daughter, and had the impetus to do SOMETHING creative before I slept.

I love the autumn colors that are appearing in online shops and blog posts everywhere.  Eggplant and mustard and brown and tan…  The 70s are back, after all, and along with them all these awesome 70s colors. I don’t have the money to spend on the perfect mustard-colored ankle boots or this brown and orange printed 200 dollar dress from L.L. Bean (all carefully saved on a pinterest board), so I dove into my wardrobe and pulled out (as ever) some stuff my mom has given me.

She’s a tiny Thai lady, and smaller than I am by several sizes, but her stuff mostly works.  I put an old brown button-up cotton shirt of hers over this tiki-print dress.

“That jacket is totally shapeless,” my husband commented. “It seriously doesn’t flatter you.”  I kind of like it, despite that.  I like wearing clothing that is potentially older than I am.  The dress has a touch of orange in it, and I kind of love orange.  The shoes are Clark’s clogs.

“Why do you do that with your feet in every single photo?” My husband questioned while I was snapping this shot.  “It’s very Japanese or something.”

I honestly don’t know.  It certainly doesn’t abide by these very useful tips for photographing oneself. Anyway.  Creative moment for the night, achieved.

This is the other creative thing that I did today to entertain my kid. Halloween-themed collages.

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  1. love the collage!

    Your wardrobe is still so much more vibrant than mine. Black yoga pants, how I love you so … 😉

  2. Achariya

     /  August 29, 2011

    I still wear mostly black. But it’s fun to mess around with color. And mm, yoga pants.


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