Handing your six-year-old a bit of control…is scary

Every year since my daughter was born, I’ve been putting together a book full of pictures and stories about her. I give this to my family at Christmas time, and so far it’s been a fun way to bring us together.

This year I have the strangest feeling that I should be allowing my daughter to have some say in the process. Books about her are one thing, and were fine before she could read and write… but now it seems important to give her a little bit of say in how her life is presented. I’ve been scratching my head about this and pondering what we could do.

Perhaps she can illustrate some of the pages, and write a few stories? As far as editorial control over the cute (yet probably embarrassing) tales about her, I’m pretty sure I should let her pick which ones I can publish. And yet…and yet…

Time sure is moving quickly. Used to be the only complaint my kid could make was “waaaaah!”


Edit: So we went to my old Apple store and saw all the lovely things people wrote in honor of the death of Steve Jobs. We added our own, sticky notes that read “Thank you for the music.” I smiled at the small pile of actual apples at the shrine.

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