the moon

A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days. — Goethe

This morning the moon was bright and full when I went out to my car to go to work. It was one of those amazing Autumn moments that made me realize how quickly time passes. In fact, my brain immediately started singing Buddy Holly lyrics, “Everyday, it’s getting closer, going faster than a rollercoaster…”

I’ve been thinking lately about school, and how lucky I used to be to have clear demarcations of time for change and growth. Work life with its scant two-week vacations seems to stretch on interminably. It would be nice if every May someone handed me a certificate telling me that I’d totally achieved what I set out to do in the past nine months, and then told me to spend the next three months enjoying myself.

Barring that, perhaps it’s important to make our own rituals, things that cause us to pause in our tracks and look at what we’ve done.


Funny, I started to write this on Wednesday. Today is Friday, and I found out yesterday that I have cancer. I’m still processing of course, but as far as that mental break where suddenly everything important becomes clear and the rest falls away… Now I have that. Funny how it goes.

I will probably be writing more about this journey in here, for those that care to read it.

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  1. Those demarcations are useful. Looking back, the ones for me are when I changed jobs (including teams within one company). Not to mention divorcing and moving out! On a smaller scale, I really like the feeling of ending and beginning around the new year.

    Hugs & love to you, again. I’m so sad to hear about the cancer. Have you seen the current film “50/50”? I’m not sure how much I liked it overall, but it had a great lesson, which is that if you get cancer, in the end you’ll survive (and stay fairly good-looking even during chemo) and as a reward you’ll get that cute therapist you’ve been flirting with for months.

  2. Donna

     /  October 15, 2011

    Your idea of a certificate at the end of May giving you permission to just relax for the next three months used to be my life as a classroom teacher. In trading in that job for the life of a professor, I now work all 12 months and never get closure (on anything).

    But there’s a rhythm to that as well. Taking each day as it comes is a trite saying, but it works (for me, anyway). Write Achariya, write. Here, and in other venues as well. Check out The Sun. It’s my refuge when academic writing becomes too much.

  3. ❤ you will kick Cancer's flabby white arse. In the meantime, if there's anything a sorta far-away friend can do, please let me know. ❤


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