Mmm, food: Bibimbap

Photo by Akiko Matsuura

Have you guys ever had the Korean dish Bibimbap? My half-Korean pal Genie introduced me to it, and along with Vietnamese Pho and Thai Kow mun gai, it’s become one of my favorite “good home cooking” type meals.

Bibimbap is basically make-your-own rice stirfry. It’s sometimes served in a pot that fries it as you stir up all the different ingredients, including fine-cut meats and veggies and the egg on top of it all. It’s even better when you pour on lots of Sriracha…

I was reminded to write about Bibimbap because of this great blog post from Akiko Matsuura (punk singer/guitarist from Comanechi). This lady loves food so much that reading her blog always, always makes me hungry.

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  1. yum. I love bibimbap. Except not the fried egg. I don’t do segregated eggs. 🙂

  2. Achariya

     /  November 7, 2011

    😀 i will eat your egg then. i love how it caramelizes against the rice!


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