Good news about my well-behaved patch of cancer

After all those tests, we found out that my only cancer is the small patch in my small intestine. It’s even low-grade with “well-behaved” cells! We caught it early, and it’s treatable with Rituxen, a very low-impact form of chemotherapy drug. I’ll start treatments Monday. I know it’ll suck, but…

Basically, if I had to have cancer, it’s the best possible kind to have. I’ll have an endoscopy to check in three months if the drugs worked, but in all likelihood, they will.

Thank you all so much for the support! It means a lot to me.  It feels like this was a nice big mid-life wakeup call. I won’t forget the lesson it taught. (See? No need for another, ok, Universe?)

So in short,


Life I embrace you
I shall honor and disgrace you
Please forgive if I replace you
You see I’m going through some pain…

But now I see clearly
And the dawn is coming nearly
And though I’m human and it’s early
I swear I’ll never forget again!