Health for us all: Natural headache remedies


This morning I spent some time researching Orlando-area Chinese medicine doctors to help my body out while immunity is low, because one of the side-effects of Rituxen is that my B-cells (good and bad) will be eliminated. I haven’t found an alternative healer yet (got any recommendations, people?), but I did find this great list of seven things to do to alleviate headaches without drugs!

I tried the shaofu acupressure point (above) and it had the insane effect of making my entire body relax instantly. Totally try it!

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  1. Skeptic guy says: Chinese medicine can be a mixed bag, so look up details of every item they give you! In the worst case, some of them have contained nasty stuff like mercury, lead and ephedrine. Dried herbs could also contain fungi that a weakened immune system could have trouble dealing with.
    “The American Association of Oriental Medicine … is requesting it’s medical practitioners to require spectrographic proof of purity from the manufacturers before prescribing a specific patent medicine.”
    “Yeasts and molds are also naturally present on herbal materials. The highest total yeast/mold count thus far reported among some tested Chinese herb formulas prepared for ITM was 2,200; most of the formulas are below 250. The sterilization procedure mentioned in the section above will also reduce these counts, resulting in yeast/mold counts below 30. … Bacteria and fungi may grow on herbs that are especially moist (e.g., jujube, biota). Such materials, if they are to be stored for an extended period of time, should be refrigerated. Crude herbs need to be examined regularly for evidence of developed contamination.”


  2. I saw in the article you linked to:
    “Acupressure Application: Choose the tenderest side and use your fingertips or knuckles to apply firm pressure to the acupoints for thirty seconds.”

    Maybe choosing the _opposite_ side would work better? All of the sensory and motor nerves cross over to the other side in the brain, so e.g. a pressure point on your left hand is going to affect the right side of your brain, not the left.


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