I’ve got charcoal on my fingers!

Looking back through this blog, I notice that it’s been pretty cancer-related lately. I suppose that’s only natural, I needed a place to outline my illness and treatment and get it out of my head.

(Quick cancer update for those of you who haven’t heard yet, my last endoscopy showed that the tumor in my duodenum responded positively to Rituxan treatment and is gone. Tomorrow I’ll meet with the oncologist to hear what my future holds…)

But I also noticed another thread throughout these posts. Ever since October, I’ve been making more space in my life to create stuff. I started writing about my need to journal again to save memories, and took up the 52 week art journal challenge over at A Beautiful Mess. Also, while my energy was low during chemotherapy, I began to sew felt things. And then one of my coworkers convinced me to sign up for an introductory art class at a local art school

I’ve decided that although health is still going to be a pretty large preoccupation in this journal, I’m going to give it over to creativity, and document the crafts that I’ve been making lately. This’ll be a slight change in format, but hell, a lot more positive than cancer.

I’ll also talk about the crafts that I do with my daughter, and hopefully discuss the process, so that people who also want to make enormous art messes can do so with us.

I’ve got a lot of photos from the past three months, so I’ll be updating as often as possible for a while! Cheers and I’ll let everybody know how the appointment goes tomorrow…

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