For the Sassy generation

Are you an American woman in your (slightly) late 30s?

…Then you probably feel much the same way that I do about Sassy. We liked it before all the advertisers pulled out due to the much-too-realistic discussions of teenage life and it became a watered-down alternative to Seventeen. We liked it when it was part and parcel with grunge and riot grrl, and the magazine was as game-changing as that music and those politics.

A few writers from Sassy have new projects now, and they’ve grown up with us too. It’s awesome to find that they’re still speaking just as clearly and confidently for 30-(40-, 50-) somethings as they did for teens.

So this is awesome:

  • Everybody already knows about XOJane. My pal Marianne Kirby regularly writes blog posts for XOJane. I’m still not sure how I feel about XOJane (much like all of Jane Pratt’s post-Sassy projects, including the thankfully short-lived talk show), but I do adore Marianne’s writing.
  • I’ve loved Christina Kelly’s blog, Fallen Princess, for a long time. She’s become an insightful, wry, witty suburban mom. This blog is balm for my soul.
  • And now, Kim France (of the infamous pants that everybody remembers) has her own blog too. It’s called Girls of a Certain Age, and the logo features Pac Man. She absolutely gets it:  Girls of a Certain Age wanted to be Tatum O’Neal in Bad News Bears. Or Brooke Shields in Endless Love. They read every word of Go Ask Alice and believed it. They wept to Carole King, rocked out to Blondie, and made out with their boyfriends to Led Zeppelin II.

She forgot about crushing on Bo Duke, but I’ll forgive her that one.


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  1. Achariya

     /  April 7, 2012

    And you, ma’am!


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