Last minute Easter goody bag

T’was the night before Easter, and a card suddenly appeared on the table.  It was from my daughter, and it read:  “To the Easter Bunny.  Happy Easter!  You are Osome.”

Oh no, I thought, staring at the very polite card.  We’ll be going to an Easter party, but she expects something from the Easter Bunny first thing in the morning!

So the Easter Bunny enlisted my help to create a small treat bag, which I filled with a few items from my secret  present stash.   Here’s what I did late, late last night.

Materials:  Blue, light pink, orange, and dark pink felt.  Blue, orange and dark pink embroidery floss.  Needle, scissors, a length of ribbon.

1.  Freehand a design, then cut.  I used various Sanrio beasties as my inspiration.  Since this was last-minute, I didn’t cut a pattern first, but just cut the felt.

2. Stitch it all down!  I used different colors of embroidery floss for this, and a simple running stitch instead of a split stitch or anything fancy.  My order is usually to stitch the details first, like eyes and bows, so that they don’t move around, and then the rest. Quick, quick!

3. Fill!  Then I tied it with a ribbon and made a tiny card from the Easter Bunny.

So yes, that small gift stash.  At Christmas and birthdays, when I’m shopping, I will pick up a few extra tiny things to keep around for those “oh no! I forgot!” moments.  I stow them in a drawer and it totally saves my butt.

“Mama. You made that!”  Said my perceptive daughter.

“Yeah, the Easter Bunny asked me for help, since he was busy…” I coughed.

I hope your Easters are much better planned than mine! Have a lovely day!  😀

[More of my felt adventures are in the “Making Stuff” category, or if you like, you can go look at this Dalahast.]

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  1. How Osome is that? I am sure the Monkey will love it.


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