A parliament of stuffed owls…

But since I’m only making eight, I guess it’s more like a jury?

A friend asked me to make her a few owls to add to her wedding gifts-for-other-people, and I made some of them tonight.  I thought perhaps I’d record the process here.

1.  I have a notebook where I doodle out ideas.  I took the basic shape for this one from a book named Doodle Stitching.  I tend to work with simple shapes because I think stuffed felt translates well to cartoons, but there are some amazing felt artists out there who can do just about anything. I’m not quite there yet…

2. I translated my idea into two patterns, one for the outside shape, and one for the inside.

3.  Then I got together the materials I needed:  various colors of embroidery floss, felt, stuffing, embroidery needles, and scissors.

4.  Then I cut!  I saved the scraps to use as stuffing.  I cut out all eight owls at once so that it was a veritable owl assembly line.

5.  Here they are awaiting embroidery.  I sewed the beak onto the paler felt first, and then embroidered lines of split-stitches for eyes and feathers.  Then I sewed the paler felt down onto the darker felt.  The bow idea from the sketch above totally didn’t work, so I made little hearts instead, bound down with french knots.

6. The very last step was sewing the front part of the owl to the back with a blanket stitch.  I sewed from one ear, down the body, to the other ear.  Then I stuffed it and finished up the top.  I think the most interesting part is doodling different personalities onto the owls with the thread.  I like the happy-looking black and grey one best, so far.

So there you have it!  Four owls down, four to go…

[Like felt?  I make stuff with felt. You can see the other projects here.]

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  1. Yes, I love making things from felt. I always make ornaments for my family at Christmas time. It’s so fun and easy to work with and comes in such pretty colors. I usually use acrylic brights but one of my sisters uses the wool felt that comes in those muted dusty tones. I admire you for designing something sweet and charming using grey and black. I rely on color so much I don’t think I could do it. I should challenge myself. Currently I’m making bracelets using felt (and other stuff) for my Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/people/KatySchnell) I love it.


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