July in a slightly larger nutshell

July marked our three year anniversary in Orlando.

We spent most of this month in water, beating the heat.

The Monkey went to visit Cido and Diane in Athens, and I began a whole lot of awesome dental work. Six visits later (three cavities, one crown replacement, and a deep gum cleaning) I think I can finally say that this fun thing is done.

The husband and I also had our ten year anniversary. We were too busy to celebrate, so we’ll do it next year. (We’re both kinda relaxed about this stuff.) He’s still barefoot in the kitchen for me, so things are working out.

Then Monkey and I decided to fly to New York and hang out with the Stone family. Monkey really enjoyed playing at the family farm and meeting all kinds of relatives, and we went on some adventures with Grandpa too.

“Can I please take home an alpaca?”

Then we spent more time at the beach!

And suddenly it’s mid-August and second grade begins in a week! I’m not sure where all the time went. We still have a visit from Grandma to round out the summer.

I’m looking forward to: Weather in the 80s instead of 100s, a more regular schedule and earlier bedtime for a certain small person, some resolution on our house hunt (soon please, universe), and a peaceful year of normal stuff.

My ambitions are very small, maybe I’ll achieve them?

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