June in a nutshell

One week the Monkey was in school, and the next week she was out of it. Suddenly she was done with first grade, and summer had begun! Monkey spent her summer doing the kind of fun camps that I totally want to do: art camp, gymnastics camp, science camp, and violin class with her favorite teacher.  I was jealous!

We spent every weekend in June and July carefully combing Orlando for houses that we both liked and could afford.  We put an offer on a short sale, and we’ll hear about it eventually. Perhaps before we retire. (Hopefully sooner.)

My husband began an internship at my workplace (it’s been nice to see him every day!) and went through the ritual hatting.

Grandpa came to visit and we saw the swamp.

This is a picture of the swamp upside down.

And I rounded out June by going to visit some old friends in New York City. It was a great time, and really nice to reconnect. Someone invent a time/space portal so that I can do this more often with all my friends!

And suddenly it was July.

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