Deep roots

Funny how life doesn’t stop with a cancer diagnosis, especially when you’ve got a kid. I spent my weekend running around like crazy to various kid events, and even got a chance to look around the inside of my hopeful, prospective new house. These pictures from the weekend tell the tale better than I could! My sister-in-law was in town for a visit. Interspersed in this happy and life-affirming weekend was talk of cancer, what I’m going to do about it, how I feel.

Stage 1 feels like normal. It feels ironic that in a few weeks I’ll be sitting in a chair all day with a needle in my arm, killing all my B-cells. At the same time, it isn’t ironic at all. I’m lucky that we found it now, lucky someone thought to stare down my throat and kill the cells before they massed so much they harmed me.

So despite this, I go on planning for the future: Halloween (my costume’s made, see if you can spot it); the house I want to live in; my daughter’s school year. I’m staring ahead into long years and growing more and more roots. I’ll take care of the root-rot and keep on living, just like a tree.

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  1. Sandi Glass

     /  October 29, 2012

    Hi. I am so glad you are so busy with the wild and crazy and oh so normal everyday parts of life. I believe that keeps you on an even keel (yes I am a sailor) during the storm you are facing. I am also grateful for your docs catching this early and dealing with it. I send you patience, strength, healing, and your continued awareness of the joy of life and love as you look into the eyes of your guy and monkey.

  2. Beautiful. And especially relevant, given this very windy evening. The deep rooted trees are staying put. *hug*


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