It’s kind of surreal to be back in daily life after a week in Hawaii. Hawaii is where a lot of my waking thoughts are at present (soon to be Colorado when my dad flies there for rehabilitation). But I also appreciate where I am and what I have, and my Thanksgiving was very relaxed. We ate a lot of my aunt’s good cooking and my husband’s too (you can see his leftover Brunswick stew above); I mulled wine and cider; we made gingerbread; we played games; we enjoyed a lot of soothing traditions and bright cool air.

After the past fortnight of bewildering journeys I’m left with this question: Does the modern world and our ability to travel rapidly from place to place shatter our reality so that we feel more divorced from things happening far away? Or does the bending of space via the internet help us feel closer to distant places and people? I don’t know. Maybe a little of both.

I’m back in the chair on Thursday. Three more rounds of chemotherapy in my future. I’m not very scared, I’ve got my books and my snacks, and I know what I’m in for. But please, O my body, this is the second holiday season I’m spending full of drugs. Can I have a break next year?

To end on a high note, I am happy to report that despite my dad’s infirmity he’s pressing on. Turns out the mind really does directly influence our body, and dad’s hard visualization work is paying off. In his words:

“Hurray, Caloo, Calay, I did it, moved the toes of my left foot in the tendu forward and back, then the whole foot. Our therapy worked. Debbie was here, and is sending a video, plus the physiotherapist.”

I give thanks for that!

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  1. That is incredible, awesome wonderful wonderful news about your dad! And there aren’t many places better than Colorado.


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