Letter to myself: keep breathing

Chin up, woman!

I’m halfway through this year’s regime of Rituxan chemotherapy, and I want to document the effects for my own sake, so that I remember what it’s like. Here’s a small encouraging letter to myself for the next time around.

Dear self,

You are going to feel puffy from the inside from a Type I allergic reaction. It’s like stepping into a huge patch of poison ivy, and your whole body’s going to freak out. This includes diarrhea and itchy eyes and a foggy brain and an enormous need to sleep and a complete lack of energy. On the bright side, it’s never gone much beyond Type I, and there’s always Benadryl.

Honor your body while it’s going through this! Drink a ton of water, eat bananas, take vitamins (especially iron), and just stop and breathe. Do your visualization exercises. Don’t let anybody tell you how you should be feeling (or what you should be doing about your health), because they are not in your body, and they are wrong.

Rest up and remember that you’ll feel better eventually. And eventually, you will start to move and think and have a normal life again.



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  1. That body is kicking ass and taking names. I’m glad that you are telling yourself to allow your body rest, and that you are being kind to yourself without worrying about what everyone else is saying. Sending love, and many, many hugs.


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