Hurry up and wait


Today is a waiting day. It feels like everything that I want to do is at home (and perhaps by “everything” I actually mean “packing”), but my physical body still appears to be at work. At lunch, my mind restlessly roamed everywhere. Below are the fruits of my websurfing, and above is some music to listen to while you click through. This video is from my favorite band, Panter, and is the first single from their upcoming album.


Surfing around CNN, I became transfixed by their coverage of African matters. One of the articles was about a South African mixed-race comic named Trevor Noah. I admire how he turned being mixed-race (in one of the world’s most dangerous places to be mixed-race) into comedy. Excerpt:

Noah’s mixed-race heritage defines his routine. Race and ethnicity are leading themes in his standup, echoing his life while growing up in a Soweto township during the apartheid years and being labeled mixed race.

“In the streets my father couldn’t walk with us — he would walk on the other side of the road and wave at me — like a creepy pedophile,” he tells the Soho Theater crowd. “And my mom could walk with me but every time the police went by she would drop me — I felt like a bag of weed.”

After that heavy fare, I turned to Tokyo Fashion News to cheer me up. They’re awesome as always. Below are a few of my favorite photos from today’s browse.

After that, I surfed over to Oh Joy! from Nubbytwiglet’s Thursday Links (which are very nicely curated). Oh Joy! quickly became one of my new favorite sites. It’s about a mom and her adorable family who are living in LA. Adopt me please! I want to eat all your food!  I especially want to go eat at Feed when I visit LA next, after reading about it on this site.

Mmmm, quinoa with squash and a poached egg. I ordered that from my home chef!

Near the end of lunch, I surfed over to the former Sassy and Elle editor Christina Kelly’s blog. In this post, she speaks plainly about her choice to be a stay-at-home-mom, which she posits is neither feminist nor anti-feminist, but just a thing she did because she was burnt out and had the opportunity. I feel her. It’s a tricky situation and difficult to write about.


I’ll end this browsing list with another video! Swedish makeup artist Psychosandra made a cool one about how to create an awesomely Dali-esque eye-lip thing!

Now back to waiting to go pack.


A place to plant a garden

It’s March and I have too much to talk about. In short, we purchased a house, and now we’re fixing it before we move in.

I’ve never actually lived in a house before. Something about nailing my feet down to one patch of land seems to negate my childhood. I grew up thinking that “home” had more to do with people than with a place, and that my home was therefore scattered between Thailand, New York, and Hawaii.

I’ve picked my home now, and it’s here. I hope that home becomes a magnet, drawing friends I’ve made from all the parts of the world to come and hang out with us. I can’t say that Florida feels any more “home” than any other place in the world (I have too many friends and family in far-off places for that), but here I am.

What do you do when you know you’re going to be in a place for a long time? Do you get involved in the PTA, in Girlscouts, in community activism? Do you start reading the tiny local rags and seeing the names of people that you know? Do you give money to every child that comes to your door with a box from school, and start attending the nearest local place of worship? Do you plant a garden? (At least I can answer that last one.)

I don’t know. I’ve never owned a piece of the earth before, but it seems like it might change me, hopefully for the better.