Mid-century colonial, is that a thing?

Recently, my friend Kasia asked me about my taste in furnishings. This was a deeper question than she knew, partly because I’ve moved so often for so much of my life that everything that I own only survives because it’s portable. (Thirty boxes of books are totally portable, hush.)

I also grew up with my father in an apartment that had no furniture. Actually, we did have a bit of furniture: a rocking chair, a kitchen table, and a low table and pillows that we picked up from a second-hand store. My father taught me to love a lot of things, but furniture was not one.

My Thai family, on the other hand, absolutely informed my taste. My first few years were spent in my mother’s parents’ house in Bangkok, and I returned to visit fairly often. Their style was a mix of British Colonial and Thai, and included a low outside table that my grandma sat on to cook, and floors made of well-polished teak. Everything was dark wood and upholstered in white with clean, spare lines. The scent of the whole house was a mix of sandalwood and the incense from the room where the Buddhas were kept.

So I thought I’d compile a little list to show my taste; spare lines and mid-century wood with a bunch of bright Moroccan stuff thrown in. These are from West Elm, Overstock, Pier One, and Zulily.

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