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How to be a successful writer and mom? Apparently the secret is to have only one kid. I’m not sure that I buy this yet, but it seems to have worked for my four parents.

Or, Joyce Carol Oates writes, you can always just have sex with a publisher.

But success, at working or being a mom or both, is always a blessing that can be taken away by illness. How do people define success during and after illness?

Perhaps the best thing to do is have no ambitions at all

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  1. Jeff G

     /  June 15, 2013

    I always get into arguments with my single child parenting friends. They just don’t get the complexities involved in having more than 1. It’s as if they look down on me bc their kids are so well behaved or smarter or whatever – hell if I could focus on one kid… But I digress. I love them both. I just get annoyed by single children parental snobs. I can’t help but laugh when they have the second and (sometimes) realize how stupid they were *end iPhone rant, cuz one kid has laptop the other the ipad*


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