Lazy Femme reviews chemotherapy sweaters!


How often are the needs of the ill neglected in a discussion of clothing and fashion? Almost always. But my lovely friends at Lazy Femme were kind enough to take my question and give me a thorough and thoughtful review of cute and fashionable things to wear to chemotherapy.

Go and read the excellent review of chemotherapy sweaters here!


No surgery for me!

I never thought I’d be celebrating the year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis with more cancer, but c’est la vie, right?

Today’s visit with the surgeon revealed that he thinks my cancer is still too “negligible” for surgery. He said that the prognosis for treating the cancer by other means is still too good to do anything life-altering like snip out a section of my duodenum. I quite agree with him. I still don’t know the next step (pending a visit to the oncologist), but it’ll be chemical, no doubt.

The actual purpose of this post is to shout out to a constant and faithful friend. I bought Cancer Pig (a Boynton plushie from Barnes & Noble) a year ago, shortly after my diagnosis. In the past year, Cancer Pig has been with me to every single doctor’s visit, chemotherapy treatment, endoscopy … bone marrow extraction … CT scan … MRI … since, and I’ve always relied upon Cancer Pig to get me through moments it was just not possible to ask another human to go through with me. Cancer Pig’s goofy pink face has always been a reminder that life is worth laughing about.

Illustrative story: My doctor was five hours late for my bone marrow extraction. I’d been fasting since the previous day, my blood sugar was dangerously low, and I was GRUMPY. When the doctor finally came to meet me, I forced him to shake Cancer Pig’s hand. He gave me this appalled look, but finally did it with a reluctant smile. In small ways, Cancer Pig helped me take back some power when I was feeling powerless, and laugh about it.

And that’s why I decided to dedicate my Halloween outfit this year to Cancer Pig (I’m wearing a kigurumi based on the iOS game Wacky Pigs, but it looks pretty similar). Here’s looking at you, transitional object! Thanks for sticking by me (not that you had a choice) through thick and thin.

Autumn on the inside

I’m still waiting. Nothing to do but wait for a few days, until I get more testing done and figure out my treatment. I’m not the most patient person in the world, so distractions are totally necessary! Lucky for me, it’s my favorite month…

It’s beautiful outside. Not crisp or cool, but not as hot as summer. This past weekend my kid and I took to the outdoors and enjoyed autumn. We went to a local corn maze and got lost in the corn, and then took home a bunch of pumpkins. We’ve also celebrated the season by orangifying, fingernails and shoelaces and outfits. We are slowly turning orange even if the trees aren’t.

Dreamtime (greening the Oscars, armchair traveling, recycling socks)

I’m not used to thinking of the Oscars as a particularly green event, no matter how cool it is to go green nowadays. But Livia Firth (wife of Mr. Darcy) managed to convince a few people to wear dresses made from recycled fabrics and synthetics. Notably, Oscar Winner Meryl Streep’s dress is made from “eco-certified fabric.” I wonder what this means? Still, I’m happy to see this trend and hope she can keep the buzz going! (Read more)

Dreamtime (follow some links):

  • Awesome recycling project: Torn socks become java sleeves, not that I can drink coffee, sniffle! It’s in Swedish, but the photos convey the concept pretty well.
  • Got uterine fibroids? Shrinking Fibroids is an awesome blog that tracks research and articles on the topic.

Music and pants

This week a lot of things are on my mind, the first being that I don’t tend to update this blog unless I have a spare moment at work. I think blog updating requires a certain level of peace and being trapped at a desk with internet access… at home I can generally think of a dozen things I’d rather do than sit at a computer.

The above photo represents me trying to come to terms with the fact that flared pants are back in style. I am truly a child of the 80s. When I was young I longed for a pair of chic jeans with tulip-cut foot openings (tulip-cut because they were too tight to fit your foot through without it). I suffered through the flared-leg 90s, and was overjoyed when the 2000s brought back a tighter fit.

I went to Old Navy a few weeks ago and remembered why I dislike flared pants so much. Still, I am stubborn, and got these. Jury’s out about whether or not I like them … Bring back pegged pants, universe. Please!

Last night I got to go see Peter Bjorn and John perform at the Plaza in support of their new album Gimme Some. PB&J did not disappoint. In fact, due to their love affair with US media, the venue was packed and excited and they had the crowd eating out of their hands…

The band was tight, and Peter was great at flirting with us. There was such good energy that he grabbed his mic and came out and danced through the packed throng, much to the delight of everyone.

One funny moment. Peter said something like, “Yep, we came to spread our music, and a love of Sweden.”

“Why Sweden?” Said a girl standing near me.

“They’re from Sweden,” said a guy.

“Oh really? But they sing in English…”

My favorite moment was probably dancing like a crazy person to the song Second Chance. The band had a great time too! Perhaps it’ll inspire other Swedish bands to come here, although I know we’re far from the beaten path … snuffle.

I had a lot of fun, and once again vowed to see more live music.